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Get our Online Interactive Learning
for Kindergarten

Our learning platform consist more than 3000 activities for children aged 3 to 12 years old.

Our solution is the best 360º adaptive learning platform, internationally awarded by the European Union, BETT and the MIT, and used by more than 1 million kids worldwide! Specialized in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), the platform reinforces curriculum subjects, such as Maths, Literacy, Science and etc.


Download our content guide and methodology dossier

Educational guide of games, stories and videos recommended for different age

4 reasons why you should download Smile and Learn


more than

5000 activities for

kids and educational stories


Pedagogical method

tested in about

3000 schools


Personalized educational



Safe environment for kids

Ideal for schools


Personalization and
group management


Multi Device-friendly
and multiplatform


Evaluation of the use
progress of the student


Assessments and access
for teachers



Smile and Learn includes a learning monitoring feature, allowing teachers to follow the evolution of their students. The platform collects data on the time spent by kids on each game, story and their progress for each multiple intelligence. This feature identifies which area(s) the student needs to focus on. Based on this analysis, a specific set of content will be recommended to keep on boosting the learning experience.


The app allows you to personalize student profiles in all the games and stories. The educator can choose between several game modes, reading modes and types of font, including pictograms. Additionally, our whole collection is adapted for children with special learning needs. This way, Smile and Learn allows you to adapt the learning process to the pace of each kid.


Recommendations to strengthen the learning process.

Smile and Learn offer teachers a platform allowing them to monitor the progress of their students.

This educational digital tool also features pedagogical recommendations to the educator based on an analysis of the activity data of the students on the app.

Teachers receive monthly emails with data from the app on their students’ activity and results. This way they can make the most of their learning process.


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