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Wau Batik Poster.jpg

Join our uniquely Wau Batik & Batik Workshop. Discover the art of batik painting & creating your own unique Wau Batik. Perfect for all ages and family bonding activities!


Kampung House Poster.jpg

In this program we wanted to introduce them the basic structure of the kampung house so that our history will not be vanished and let our students appreciate the origins

of our homes.


Coaster Poster.jpg

Join our Coaster Weaving, Basket Weaving & Tikar Mengkuang Workshops. Learn traditional weaving techniques, perfect for beginners and craft lovers.

Unleash your creativity. 


Heritage Poster.jpg

Experience the best of Kampung Glam, Little India & Chinatown! Explore vibrant markets, historic landmarks, and colorful sights. Experience the vibrant spirit of one of Singapore's most iconic neighbourhoods! Join us for a day

of fun, learning, and unforgettable memories.


Activefloor Poster.jpg

Interactive fun using your feet! Navigate and play exciting learning games. Step into a world of learning!


Sportswall Poster.jpg

SportsWall is an interactive wall where you throw balls to navigate & play the learning games on offer!


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