Kampong Lorong Buangkok is the last surviving kampong on mainland Singapore. We have design a programme to let the students to explore and  immerse themselves with the Kampung Spirit activities that we have lined up for them.


We have design an apps for the Trail using our Tablet .

Types of activities that you may choose:



  1. Basketry / Coaster Weaving using Rotan

  2. Bunga Manggar Making

  3. Wau Making

  4. Bunga Rampai


Culinary Workshop

  1. Experience of Nasi Ambeng at the Kampung

  2. Introduction to Ulam and Roti Jala Making

  3. Introduction to variety of Maly Kuih, hands on session of making Ondeh-ondeh/Kuih Abuk-abuk/Kuih Dadar

Herbs & Spices
Insect Repellant Ingredients
Insect Repellant
Coaster and Basket Weaving
Coaster Weaving Process
Coaster Weaving
Kuih Abuk-abuk Making
Kuih Abuk-Abuk
Kuih Abuk-Abuk
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Insect Repellant Ingredients
Trail @ Kg Buangkok
Kuih Abuk-Abuk Making
Trail using Tablet
Herbs & Spices
Insect Repellant Making Process
Insect Repellant
Insect Repellant Making
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Please do fill up the forms if you wish to find out more on this programme. We will get back to you upon receiving your email. For further queries please do call us at 6566 9969.

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