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EDN Media Consultant was incorporated as a partnership on 30th May 1998. Essentially the partners are the current directors Mr. S. N. Azmi and Mr. Izzat Ismail. The company was then incorporated into a private limited company (EDN Media Pte Ltd) on the 21st of March 2002.

The company has been in the business of producing interactive multimedia CD-ROMs for learning Bahasa Melayu (Malay language) based on the Singapore primary and secondary school syllabus since 1998.
Over the years, EDN has evolved and diversified its products and services. Currently, the company has expanded their services to Inbound & Outbound Educational Tours, E-LEARNING, and enrichment programmes.
In a move to diversify its product and services, EDN Media Pte Ltd has been conducting and organizing creative writings, literature workshops and educational based cultural camps in schools (Primary/Secondary/JC). These cultural camps educate these students and promote cultural integration in the fun way.

EDN Media Pte Ltd published children magazine “Majalah Riang Ria” targeting Primary 1 to Sec 2 students in Singapore. Currently printing 8,000 copies per month and distributed to all primary schools. This locally produced children magazine covers topics like General Information, Music, IT, Science, Cultural activities, School activities, Fan club, Monthly Contest and more.

EDN Media Pte Ltd also help local writers in publishing books, promoting and profiling Singapore’s writers and their works in Singapore and overseas. EDN also supply Bahasa Melayu books (story books & novels) to primary and secondary schools for their school’s central library.

EDN envisaged itself to be the epitome in creative software development providing specialized IT-based educational materials, workshops and camps.The company hopes to achieve this by providing excellent services to the educational institutions, individuals and communities here that will need his services to deliver the most effective training of teachers and students.

Technology is moving at an unimaginable pace and EDN stressed that one should not rest on their laurels but to constantly innovate and stay abreast of the developments within the industry to survive the competition. This is the reason he came out with the idea of introducing the iPod to the National Education Tours locally and overseas tours. EDN believes that this new dimensional program-equipped with highly innovative features will provide students with a comprehensive learning structure. His approach is simple yet effective. He does away with stationeries and printouts in all his educational and cultural tours and replaces them with interactive iPods. These iPods with the applications created by EDN is not only informative and encouraging but also promotes teamwork amongst students. This is something print-outs cannot offer.

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